From: Rax <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 17:07:13 1998

Hi All -

Just joined the list - looks like a great resource for information. I've
been collecting vintage micros for a couple of years now and only recently
discovered there were other fools with the same bad habit. Currently I've
got about 50 assorted Commodores, half-dozen Apple ]['s, two Kaypros, an
Osborne Executive, a TRS-80, a couple of TI-99's, a bunch of Atari, Coleco
and other game machines, and the rest of the garage is filled with boxes of
tape drives, modems, printers and other peripheral stuff. I'm always
interested in trading, so if there's something you need, let me know.

I'll go back to lurking now.


BTW - I've been compiling a chronological list of every computer ever made
for a book that I'm working on - big stuff as well as micros. It's a pretty
big file, but I'll post it (as a MS Word attachment?) if anyone is

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