Lost Treasures (was: Cray-1)

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Thu Apr 30 16:10:05 1998

At 08:56 30-04-98 -0600, "Jeff Kaneko" <Jeff.Kaneko_at_ifrsys.com> wrote:
>> At 17:30 29-04-98 +0000, Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk wrote:
>> >Doug:
>> >
>> >> Is the reason those old radio/phonograph boxes are not being thrown
>> >> away is that noone notice the cover and thinks it's just a pretty
  --- snippers ---
>> There were folks who took a late-20's/early 30's radio which was built into
>> a beautiful wooden cabinet and turned it into a piece of furniture by
>> gutting it. Then there were the late 40's and early 50's TV cabinets which
>> met the same fate. At least I've rescued several of each of these kinds of
>> receivers for my collection.
>Then there was this girl I was dating while I lived in Baltimore in
>the early 80's. Her dad had a vintage (early 20th cent.)'magneto'
>(u-crank-it) telephone he mounted on the wall in their basement as a
>conversation piece. He felt it was 'too heavy' so before mounting
>it he gutted the thing. So many historic relics have been destroyed
>in the name of 'interior decoration'.

Some people have no clue. But in retrospect to that statement, those people
are probably not technically oriented like we are so there is no awareness
of anything's actual worth as a technological collectable.

Thankfully, the metal/plastic boxes our old computers were made with have
virtually no value as 'interior decorations' (yet). However, there could be
exceptions for maybe a couple of models. I recall some list members here
had commented upon some as being rather attractive in appearance. I haven't
come across those yet.
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