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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 08:25:52 1998

Julian Richardson wrote:
> >> A friend of mine at a large company (whose initials are International
> >> Business Machine, but you didn't hear that from me 8-) had to route traffic
> >> between Token Ring and Ethernet. NT didn't work (no surprise there),
> Hmm, I had exactly the same trouble. Worked fine on a linux machine
> routing between our company token ring and a couple of SGI Origin
> servers on 100 meg ethernet, but NT wasn't having any of it.
> Unfortunately I seem to be the only person here who has any real Unix
> skills, so Linux was out of the question for the router. I ended up
> writing a Java application to relay socket connections on the NT machine
> that sat between the ethernet and token ring, so at least HTTP and
> Telnet would work - FTP had to be done as a two-stage process...

Now let me get this straight. You say Linux worked -- that implies
that it was in place at one point, then NT was put in there and that
NT didn't work. Aside from the opportunity to make yourself
indispensable by being the only one with Unix skills (not that a
dedicated Linux server needs much maintenance -- my Samba server has
rebooted three times in four years due to power outages -- it's
working, I don't mess with it except to edit files for mounting NFS
filesystems and sharing them to my wife's Windows boxen) (by the way,
who set up the Linux router?), you then wrote a _Java_ program to do
what should be handled by something two or three layers down?

Be ashamed.
Ward Griffiths <> <>
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