HP Laserjet Series II

From: Marty <Marty_at_itgonline.com>
Date: Tue Dec 1 08:23:27 1998

 I have repaired literally hundreds of HP II's and HP III's over the
 past 10 years. The paper feed problem you mention is a piece of cake
 to repair (replace) and the parts are readily available at a very low
 price. Following are the parts you need:
 Atlantis 1-800-733-9155 (Norcross, GA)
 Impact Sales 1-800-280-4521 (Madison, WI- ask for Don)
 PC Service Source 1-800-727-2787 (Dallas, TX)
 Printer Works 1-800-235-6116 (Hayward, CA)
 I will supply you with tech support to replace these parts. Email me:
 You will need to remove the top cover, front support plate and dc
 power supply. Removal of the high voltage power supply is recommended
 to facilitate access to the left screw holding the feed roller
 assembly but you can snake a screwdriver in without a problem.

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Subject: Re: HP Laserjet Series II
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Date: 11/30/98 11:50 PM

 On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Max Eskin wrote:
> This is a couple of months off topic,but I'll post it anyway. At my school,
> there are a couple dozen Laserjet Series IIs. I've been trying to install
> four into one room, and for some reason almost every single one claims a
> jam right as soon as I tell it to print ( a self test, for example). The
> hardly gets out of the tray, it's generally just starting to get past the
   Ahhh, yes.. this one I know well. The company whose time clock I
 punch has about three dozen of these old guys in a store room..
 they all have the same problem.. and it is: the very front set of
 rollers (the pick-and-feed rollers) over the paper tray have become
 hardened and non-gummy with age. The fix is: replace the rollers.
 The problem is: no rollers available. The solution: give them up for
 adoption, and when nobody wants them... well, you know the rest.
   One could kludge together something to go around the old rollers,
 but the sveral things I tried just didn't perform reliably, mainly
 causing double and/or multiple feeds...
   They they brough me a brand-new modern HP 4L and I quit being
 frustrated by the old one.
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