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Date: Tue Dec 1 16:11:12 1998

How about picking up a newspaper to find out instead of asking about it

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Max Eskin wrote:

> Actually, a few months ago, a bus driver was stabbed to death here in Boston.
> And of course, buses are blown up often in Israel, though nothing has happened
> recently. But what were the results of this incident, Derek? How many
> injured/killed?
> >I never heared of such a thing over here. Shooting a bus driver ?
> >The last time I remember was I think 1972 at the Munich Olypics,
> >at the masacre on the airport (you may remember the terrorist
> >attack) - and of course similar things had hapend in the Bosinan
> >war. But in an ordinary city ? And mestupidone belived Seattle
> >to be a 'regular' safe place.
> >Gruss
> >Hans
> >

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