From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 16:18:14 1998

> Actually, a few months ago, a bus driver was stabbed to death here in Boston.
> And of course, buses are blown up often in Israel, though nothing has happened
> recently. But what were the results of this incident, Derek? How many
> injured/killed?

Three people have already died. The driver died from his gunshot wound,
the person who shot the driver shot himself and died, and one passenger died
from the trauma of being thrown out of the bus.

About thirty people are injued. Some people are in serious condition and
(I would guess) may die; some people are in satisfactory condition (one person
in satisfactory condition won't be able to walk for months because of broken
bones); some people suffered "only" things like a broken arm.

If the bus had hit the water there would have been many more deaths.

This is getting pretty far off-topic, I think.

-- Derek
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