DG Aviion 88100 chip set

From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_yowza.com>
Date: Tue Dec 1 16:19:22 1998

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998 Innfogra_at_aol.com wrote:

> I have about 30 chip sets for the 88100 processor and they include 2 88200s.
> The 88200s seem identical to me. They are matched by speed, 16, 20 & 25 MHz.
> Anyone need a spare set? These are pulls from never used OPUS cards that went
> byby.

Oh man, I used to always drool over OPUS cards. The 88K version was
called the 400PM (Personal Mainframe). They plugged into a PC and came
with a version of Unix. I think they did several other high-end (at the
time) CPU cards.

-- Doug
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