PET Composite Video

From: John Foust <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 22:04:25 1998

At 06:32 PM 12/1/98 -0800, Larry Anderson wrote:
> I would really like to have a
>composite output on the PET (ohh could do WWW quick-time animated movies of
>such classics as Drameda! or Dance! - PET character animated shorts) 100k of
>video for a 5K program animation :)

It's been done. <> has a number of
movie clips converted to ASCII, and then played via a Java applet.
If you aren't on a well-equipped browser on a fast link, forget it.
I do recognize the irony of this situation.

These movies were created with the SGI 'ttyvideo' package,
which lets you convert a bitmap animation or real-time video capture
(the SGI Indy includes a camera) to an animated or static ASCII version.

- John
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