Now VERY *OT* (hit delete now): RE: networking newbie

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 22:27:45 1998

< > NT - about a day to get set up and working (or not at all in this
< > case!). Needs lots of hardware. Costs lots.

My $0.02. I just took a job where win95 and win/NT are it. I'm sure
they could be migrated to linux BUT, I'm paid (well!!) to maintain and
move their systems forward both hardware and software wise. Personally
MS stuff stinks, I'm not paid for that opinion. I'm paid to provide my
peice in helping to keep the business in the black.

The management is not married to DOS/WIN/NT as a "they are great" but
rather it does the job for the scale of business they are and within
costs. The user base however could never work with linux(unix).

Oh, Bif4win is garbage!!!!

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