From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 10:34:56 1998

Hans Franke wrote:
> > > >But in an ordinary city ? And mestupidone belived Seattle
> > > >to be a 'regular' safe place.
> > > Actually, a few months ago, a bus driver was stabbed to death here in Boston.
> > > And of course, buses are blown up often in Israel, though nothing has happened
> > > recently. But what were the results of this incident, Derek? How many
> > > injured/killed?
> > How about picking up a newspaper to find out instead of asking about it
> > here?
> Maybe because it's just a pure local news ?

For various values of local. I suspect it didn't get much coverage
over there in Europe, but it seems to have gotten coast-to-coast
attention in North America. As usual, the folks who want to keep
firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens are having thier
little orgasms.
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