Call for final Elf99 design input

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 15:13:12 1998

First I just want to say that I'm still looking for 'copies'
of two RCA publications:

MPM-232 Operator Manual for the RCA COSMAC DOS Development
        System (CDS III) CDP18S007
MPM-233 Hardware Reference Manual for the RCA COSMAC DOS
        Development System (CDS III) CDP18S007
If you have one or both or know where to order these manuals,
please let me know.

O.K. I said:
>I think there is a source code listing in Paul Moews book on
>Elf interpreters.

I dug my copy out and yes there is source listings. Paul took
RCA's CHIP-8 interpreter and modified it for the ELF.
 In this book ("Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Interpreters"),
he starts with a subset interpreter that has 10 CHIP-8
instructions and is intended to run on a 256 byte Basic ELF.
Then he lists the full Elf CHIP-8 interpreter with all 30
instructions. This is intended for a 4K Super Elf with 1861
video, but it can run on a 1 1/4K Elf. "It is also possible
to use CHIP-8 in the 1 1/4K ELF's described in the articles
in Popular Electronics, but to do so is very tedious unless
the switches are replaced with a latched decoded keyboard."
 He also demonstrates with listings, how to extend the
CHIP-8 instruction set.
 I can send you a copy of this book, it's only 31 pages.
 I also have one of his other books called "Programs for
the COSMAC ELF: Music and Games".
Fun Fact of the Day
 Did you know that a windowing graphical user interface was
available for S-100 bus in 1979?
 See the product review in Popular Electronics Aug 79 page 74.


Doug Coward
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