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From: Mark <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 14:23:28 1998

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998 Philip Belben wrote:
>We didn't try recording with Dolby and playing back without. I'd be very
>surprised if that worked (did you mean it that way round). I can't
>remember if we recorded with and played back with - I imagine that would
>work - but we definitely couldn't get it to work recording without and
>playing back with, although this actually works quite well for music.

All Dolby B seems to do, is increase the level of high frequencies when the
recording is made. Then when played back, the Dolby NR reduced the level of
high frequencies back to what it should be (hence also reducing the background

So recording with Dolby off and playing back wilth Dolby on will serve to
reduce the level of high frequencies; not what you want with computer tapes.

Recording with Dolby on and playing back with Dolby off should probably work;
high frequencies will be louder than normal.

>For PET (and family) tapes a C2N would probably make a good cassette
>machine for playing it initially, since it does some of the signal
>restoration itself.

Better might be to use a high-end tape deck (maybe a three-head unit) since the
transport should give less wow & flutter.

-- Mark
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