Any Zilog 8000 collectors out there.

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 3 11:54:28 1998

I think I have a Zilog manual for the Z-8000 if someone needs it.


At 02:32 AM 12/3/98 EST, you wrote:
>While rummaging through the back corner of the whse I stumbled across a bare
>Zilog 8000 card cage with a full complement of cards. Circa 1983 Mfg. Every
>slot full. This would be a great backup card set or a way to get a
>Zilog up and running. I also have an extra memory card beyond that.
>I also discovered a Daisy Logician Card Multibus cage and cards also. I doubt
>anyone is collecting these though.
>If interested please reply to directly.
>Thanks for the list,
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