Compaq SLT/286

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Dec 3 14:40:24 1998

What do you need to know? The memory is a special type SIMM available in
1 or 4mb versions and up to 3 can be added. The video modes can be
switched with ALT > and ALT < if you want to hook up an external
monitor. The hard drive is a stock IDE 3.5" but only certain capacities
will work and it must have the small 3 pin power plug on it to
accomodate the power adapter of the machine. I think I used a Seagate
ST-3144 120mb drive in my last one and set it for type 26. It does need
a setup disk, available at the out of production site at .
To open the unit you have to remove the covers on the right side of the
hinge (as you sit using it) to gain access to the ground and keyboard
connections. Then you remove the 6 screws on the back, remove the
battery. Pull the ground and keyboard connections at the cover point out
carefully. Then just push the guts out by way of the battery compartment
until you have the video cable holding you up. Remove the single screw
holding down the cable and then pull the video connector out and swing
to the side. Pull the guts fully out where you can work on it.

The hard drive and floppy drive are stock types and the
removal/installation is a no-brainer. The memory is located under the
cover that has the LED's located between the drives in the front of the
motherboard. The modem (if installed) has 2 or 3 screws holding it and
just pulls out after the screws are removed.

The screen is 640x480 VGA monochrome but better results show if you
install software as color vga. Many other features such as screen blank
are settable by way of the setup disk.

So what did you need to know? <g> Drop me a d irect note if you need any
further help.

Russ Blakeman
Harned, KY

Richard A. Hall wrote:

> I recently picked up a Compaq SLT/286 and would like to purchase any
> documentation for it. Anybody have docs for a reasonable price?
> Thanks,
> Richard Hall
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