Compaq SLT/286

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Dec 5 00:47:35 1998

Oh Natasha dear :-) I got the joke after a few seconds and figured it went the
wrong place. I need what was bid on the unit at last auction, $25 plus
shipping. Drop me a direct email and we'll discuss it.

Kids nowadays, sheesh ;-)

Natalia Pritikina wrote:

> Well, unfortunately, I replied to Russ's offer for a laptop dock onto the
> list. Not only that, I included a joke that I was glad that it's available
> but Russ would overprice it. If this went directly to Russ he would have
> gotten it, but on the list it makes it seem like he actually overpriced it.
> Sorry.
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