OT: Fabric Softeners (was On topic: Serious static problem)

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat Dec 5 00:59:24 1998

Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

> > > > >What I do now is keep a wrist-strap and a
> > > > >box of Bounce dryer sheets (don't laugh) in my jockey box.
> > > >
> > > > Sorry, but what do the Bounce sheets do?
> > >
> > > Probably nothing useful. They serve the purpose when inserted in a
> > > dryer the Downey does in the washer, chemically treating fabric so as
> > > to reduce static electricity. In a vehical, there would be little
> > > effect.
> >
> > They do the same thing as diluted Downey from a spray bottle. When I'm
> > carrying static-sensitive things, I take a couple sheets out and rub down
> > the carpet, seats, and plastic panels with them. Actually works fairly
> > well (and I read somewhere that they repel mosquitos too).
> Downey solution is good enough for me -- those damned dryer sheets
> cost too much and there's no guage as to when the chemical runs out.

There is another point to the Bounce (and similar brands) sheets in the
car/truck. Leave them in your vehicle in the hot summer with the windows rolled
up sometime and see how your eyes, nose and throat feel in a little bit. The
prefume in them is terrible when heated. They do a nice job though by just
rubbing a sheet lightly over the velour seats say every month or so. There are
commercial products made by reputable manufacturers such as 3M, but at the
present time I don't have access to the catalogs of places that carry these
items. I know I did buy a good antistat spray from MCM some time back but I'm
not sure if it wa safe for fabric. I did use it on the carpet alright though.

> To repel mosquitos, I prefer cigars. Since they do double duty and
> repel liberals as well. (Actually, they repel liberals much better
> than they repel mosquitos, since the liberals shy away from the
> rumor and the mosquitos insist on checking out the actual aroma
> before they avoid the site, and that's experience, not reading).

As will a good pipe filled with black cavendish. Cigarettes here went up an
average $4.50 carton so I'm back to the pipe since there was no effect on loose
tobacco and I'm not really into rolling my own. Mosquitos are best repelled by
staying indoors while drinking a good stiff beer. Liberals can be driven off by
other things as well but they are really a little iffy to discuss in this list
- too broad a spectrum of people.
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