What a coincidence

From: cswiger <cswiger_at_wilma.widomaker.com>
Date: Sat Dec 5 14:08:42 1998


        Just have to brag about this: recently came across a
Cromemco S-100 memory, 64KZ-II sans manual. Today went to
the local industrial science surplus store, looking thru
the military radio manuals when what to my wondering eyes
should appear - a 64KZ-II manual addendum!! Not the full
thing but has dip switch settings and schematic at least.

Produced on a system running the Cromix(tm) OS.

BTW - same store recently got in some disk packs, RL01K-DC
for DEC. They're selling them for $5. What was the capacity
of those things? 5, 10 MB ??

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