old(ish) computers for sale

From: cswiger <cswiger_at_wilma.widomaker.com>
Date: Sat Dec 5 14:20:42 1998

> probably mono (the IPC had a mono FB onboard). It's a 25mhz sbus Sparc in
> a lunchbox case, and should run newer Solaris just fine (*slow*). It takes
> 30-pin sims and the usual HD for these was ~200megs. Gstek (www.gstek.com)

A funny story about one of those ~200MB SCSI's - a friend was
helping install some 'diskless' workstations, so they gave him
the disks and he gave me one, a Maxtor. I had it on a pc, laying
on top of a table and one day it went "BLAM!" like someone set
off a firecracker, and the pc shut down. Turned power off/on and it
came right back like nothing had happened! Turned out to be
a reversed biased diode across the power lines let got - nothing

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