system info request

From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Dec 5 15:24:18 1998

Hi gang

I just pick up a new, which is to say, old system. Of course, it has no
suppoting information. I bought it as an 'IMSAI 8048 controll computer'.
Its in a nodescript molded black hardshell case, has a hex machine coding
panel/keyboard and nine digit led display. Opening it up reveals a single
board system +- power supply. Primary chips on the board are i D8243, i
D8279-5 (sublabled 4404A hmmm...), and a NEC D8035LC. At the bottom of the
board: c 1977 IMSAI MFG CORP., SAN LEARNDRO, CA... and this at opposite
corner: 8048cc REV. 1 AR 1.

Did that send anyone into a flashback???

- Mike:
Received on Sat Dec 05 1998 - 15:24:18 GMT

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