PET keyboard (was: Re: Replacing 6550s)

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Sun Dec 6 07:45:52 1998

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> ::"chiclet keyboard" != "rubber keys", IMHO. I'm talking about the cute
> ::multicoloured keyboard with the small plastic keys that are arranged in a
> ::grid pattern. I call that a chiclet keyboard.
> Hmm, okay. But multicoloured? Which colours? Arranged how?

It's not the keys themselves (they're made of white plastic) but the
square inserts on top of them that are coloured.

Red, dark blue, pale blue, grey.

The SHIFT keys, SPACE, RETURN, CLR/HOME, and INST/DEL are red with white

OFF/RVS, RUN/STOP, and the to CRSR keys are dark blue with white

All of the letters, the numbers, ':', and '.' are grey with black

All else is pale blue with black lettering.

The blues and grey are somewhat metallic in appearance.

A very funky keyboard.

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