PET Video (was: Replacing 6550s) & 128

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Sun Dec 6 08:05:20 1998

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Larry Anderson wrote:

> > From: Doug Spence <>
> > Subject: Re: Replacing 6550s
> > (I especially find it cool that they list various part numbers for the
> > connector. :) )
> Digikey is the best source for inexpensive PET compatible connectors.
> (1-800-DIGI-KEY) along with a ton of other cool parts.

Thanks for the tip!

> > I just noticed for the first time (!) that the "PARALLEL USER PORT" has
> > pins labeled "T.V. Video", "T.V. Vertical", and "T.V. Horizontal"! Has
> > anyone actually connectd a TV or external monitor to a PET?
> There are plans for a composite video converter using those pins in Nick
> Hampshire's PET Revealed, I think it only works on the older 9" screen pets
> and not the 12" ones. The reason for it being on the user port was for deaier
> diagnostic testing.
> I'll scan the circuit and put it on-line tonite:

:) Cool. Another excuse to visit your website... again. :)

> > ::"chiclet keyboard" != "rubber keys", IMHO. I'm talking about the cute
> > ::multicoloured keyboard with the small plastic keys that are arranged in a
> > ::grid pattern. I call that a chiclet keyboard.
> >
> > Hmm, okay. But multicoloured? Which colours? Arranged how?
> Ummm they were all metallic tops, Red, Gold, Blue, Silver... Check out my
> PET page:

Gold? Your PETs have gold keys? I have two shades of blue. And my red
keys look significantly less metallic than the others. I couldn't tell if
they were 'metallic' or if I was looking at the nail polish my brother
coated the keys with to keep the printing from rubbing off.

Doug Spence
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