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Date: Sat Dec 5 00:47:37 1998

Tony Duell wrote:

> The VGA-colour-swapper is another. This is a simple adapter with a DE15
> plug on one side and a DE15 socket on the other. All the pins are
> straight through, apart from 1,2,3 which are wired 1->2, 2->3, 3->1. The
> result is that it swaps the colours round. It's actually a useful piece
> of test gear to discover quickly if a missing colour is due to the
> monitor or video card. But it's the sort of thing to plug into a luser's
> computer after he's spent the morning getting the colours 'right'...

Reminds me of the story of the final tests being done for NTSC
certification in the States (at RCA 1940's?). Apparently all was going
vey well and the final tests involved a bowl of fruit. Some joker
painted the banana blue causing much frustration on the part of the

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