Whose is that program to spawn that *.xls files?

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 7 13:31:49 1998

> > And, no, I don't know where he downloaded it from.....

> StarOffice is a commercial product, though Caldera provides a demo
> copy with their Linux distribution, and the demo can be downloaded
> from Caldera and other sites. It doesn't seem to read the latest
> Excel and Word formats, Microsoft keeps "upgrading" the file format
> with each release (not that I see any features added) but of course
> keeping the same extension on the filenames.

It's prety up to date and the best of all: IT IS FREE (for personal use).

Since one month ago, not only the Linux but also the WinDOOFs and
OS/2 and Solaris versions are free for personal use - The software is
available for download on several sites - or you order a 79 Mark
(~50 USD) package direkt from them (here you get a manual, some
additional fonts and clip arts and 30 days of installation support).

Most of it's revenue, Stardivision generates from compaies and
professional users, and the part is dramaticly increasing. so they
just decided that it's better to focus the sales to professionals. But
instead of droping private/home users they rather offer their package
for free - the idea is to give a good product and charge only for service
if needed - think of all the Linux distributions from Suse to Red Hat -
same idea ...

In fact, at Home I switched to StarOffice - it#s compatible enough
to cooperate with MS Word & Co but runs also under OS/2 and Linux.


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