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From: Gareth Knight <gareth.knight2_at_which.net>
Date: Sun Dec 6 18:11:22 1998

Thanks for all of your replies. I have tried a number of these already.

Zane H. Healy wrote:
>QNX - There is a free demo version, about all you can do is surf the web
>with it
> though. The demo boots from floppy.

It's very good for what it does. The QNX Neutrino kernel is to form the
basis of AmigaOS 5. Check out http://www.amiga.com if you don't believe me.
Unfortunately the demo needs 8Mb of continuous memory, on top of the 640k.
The machine I'm buying only has a total of 8Mb.

>GEOS - Runs on top of DOS, the company currently supporting it, had been
> providing some sort of demo version for it. It looks really great
> actually, and come to think of it I believe my above mentioned 486
> a copy on it somewhere (probably still on a Linux partition) that I
> downloaded to try a year or so ago. I'd forgotten about it.

I've got this running on my Pentium 2. If I can get some cheap 386 I'd
install this use them as simple word processors. Perhaps also sticking a
Pentium logo and "designed for Windows" on the monitor just to fool everyone

> Unfortunatly they no longer support the really low end systems, I
> remember if they still support the 286 or not.

Runs on 286 according to the system specs.
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