news on the c64

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 21:12:34 1998

Some time ago I mentioned a commodore 64 I'd been given and that I'd used the
mother board to experiment with washing the motherboard in the dishwasher with
favorable results. Well, today I finally got the replacement keyboard from
Creative Micro Designs (CMD) along with a cable to connect the thing to
a composite monitor I got with the thing. 10 minutes of surgery and I have
a functional c64 again. Celebrated by typing in the "Michael row your boat
ashore" program in the manual. Whee. :) Scarey thing is the catalog they
sent me, with all kinds of drives, a speedup system, hard disks, and so on.
I think I need to get rid of this machine before it sucks more money out of me.
Jim Strickland
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