news on the c64

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 21:34:43 1998

>ashore" program in the manual. Whee. :) Scarey thing is the catalog they
>sent me, with all kinds of drives, a speedup system, hard disks, and so on.
>I think I need to get rid of this machine before it sucks more money out
>of me.

Oh, come on now, just think about how much fun you could have surfing the
net on a C-64 with a 20Mhz processor, 16Mb RAM, 2.88Mb floppy, 4Gb HD,
CD-ROM, and a fast modem. I just wish they had a Ethernet card for them!
I wonder how much of that hardware Lunix supports?

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