Linux Q's

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 05:32:26 1998

The Unix jumper is on some Intel desktop 386DX machines I have, not PS/2 machines
that I've ever seen (there may be though). The Intel units are very nicely shaped
and very durable, as evidenced by the sore back I got from moving them around the
other day - and I don't already have a bad back.

Bill Pechter wrote:

> >
> > Thanks Bill. I guess the 5 units I have that also show a Unix jumper on the
> > motherboard should be very useful machines for this purpose. Now you have me
> > wanting to try one of the dozen PS/2 80's I have for a linux box.
> >
> OK... some IBM PS/2 type want to tell me what the Unix jumper was for.
> (I figure AIX on PS/2 may have wanted a different drive translation?...)
> Bill
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