OT HP vectra networking

From: Athanasios Kotsenos <a.kotsenos_at_rca.ac.uk>
Date: Tue Dec 8 05:57:42 1998

>On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> ::> It's probably an HP-HIL (Hewlett-Packard Human Interface Link IIRC)
>> ::> connector. This was an HP interface used for keyboards, mice,
>> ::> touchscreens, digitising tablets, security dongles, etc. You can
>> ::> daisy-chain several devices off the same connector.
>> ::
>> ::Hmm, sounds like USB, things don't change do they ;-)
>> What about the Commodore serial bus? :-)
>I got another Atari 800 over the weekend and decided to hook it up to play
>Fort Apocalypse which I got in a batch of disks with the computer (I've
>been wanting to play that damn game since the eighth grade but never got a
>chance because all the other kids were computer hogs). I was struck at
>how simple it was to hook everything up. Plug power into computer. Plus
>power into disk drive. Plug cable between disk drive and computer. Stick
>disk in drive and turn power on. Instant boot. USB? Pfeh!
>Everything new in the computer realm was invented long ago. Engineers
>just re-discover good designs. Heck, the mouse turns 30 this week!

Invented and used.
Speaking of mice, I totally freaked out when I found out that 'PC's needed
*drivers* - being used to Amigas, Apples and Ataris. Of course all those
systems need some way of telling the computer how to communicate with
anything they are connected to - but, they put it discretely somewhere in
the operating system or in the hardware.

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