FYI HP-HIL Re: OT HP vectra networking

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 14:56:00 1998

At 07:22 PM 12/7/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> > No, the two dots tells you which end of the HP_HIL cable to plug into
>> that port. They have nothing to do with how many things you can connect to
>> the port. The two ends of the cables are different electrically but the
>IIRC they're simply mirror images of each other. But the plugs are
>slightly different so you can't plug the cable into the wrong socket anyway.

   I haven't tried it but that's not what HP says.
>> same physically. You have to be sure and match the number of dots on the
>> socket with the number of dots on the plug that you plug into it. Most of
>Cables have 1 dot at one end and 2 dots at the other.

   Yes, you have to match the dot(s) on the cable connector with the dot(s)
on the socket.
>> the HIL devices have two ports, one that goes back to the computer (maybe
>The exception to this is computers, which are generally one end of the
>chain and things like mice with a built-in cable with only one plug on
>it. So for example you'd start at the computer, cable to the keyboard
>then from there to a digitising tablet and then a mouse on the end of the
>> you like on the port. I think the only limitaion is the amount of power
>I thought there was an addressing limitation (8 devices? 32 devices?) but
>I would have to find my HP-HIL spec to be sure.

  I think there is an addressing limitation but HP says that you'll usually
run into the power limitation first. I'm not sure how you're supposed to
know when you do unless the whole system chokes.
>> > It's recognized automaticly but some software won't use it. For example,
>> there's only one piece of software for the HP 150 Touch Screen II that will
>> use the mouse. I expect the newer HP-UX software will make more use of it.
>MS-windows by any chance?

   I don't know. I would think it would work with Windows BUT I was told
that DrawPerfect was the only program that used the mouse. I tried the
rodent on my 150-II with several other programs and none of them (including
PAM) used it. I have MS Windows for the 150 but one of the disks is bad so
I haven't been able to install it.

>I'm pretty sure that can use the HP-HIL mouse
>on a 150-II.

  Yes, but not the standard 150. The TS-II uses the HP_HIL devices, the 150
uses a non-standard keyboard.

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