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From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 15:42:41 1998


  I might be able to save you some work. I have an original copy of Byte's
Keyterm index dated 1977. It has an index by subject to all the Byte
articles from Sept 75 through Dec 1976, Interface Age articles from Dec 75
through Dec 76 and HamRadio Magazine from March 69 through Dec 76. It's 78


At 10:00 PM 12/7/98 -0600, Doug wrote:
>If you, or anybody else, wants to collaborate on a project like this,
>there's already several thousand BYTE's that have been indexed in BibTex
>format. I plan (OK, hope) to automate entry and searching of this and
>similar indices. Currently the coverage of material of interest to this
>group (like early BYTEs) is pretty thin.
>Check out Nelson H. F. Beebe's web site for a sense of what's been done
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