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From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_yowza.com>
Date: Tue Dec 8 14:31:42 1998

I took a quick look at the first issues of DDJ, and the stuff that looks
like it might be of interest to Altair owners is:

Feb 1976 reprint of May 1975 PCC, Steve Dompier's "Music of a Sort", 2pp

A couple of letters in the March 1976 issue that make references to MITS
recall of the 8K RAM board and of their poor docs, 2pp

[Cool, the June 1976 issue has a nice looking 6502 S-100 SBC from Western
Data Systems]

[Interesting, there's an Aug 1976 article that talks about how stable CP/M
has been for the last two years. What did he write it for in 1974? An

Oct 1976, Pertec buys iCom, 1p.

Nov 1976, Jef Raskin on the Poly-88 where he compares it the the Altair
and IMSAI, 3pp.

That's about it in 1976 -- very little about the Altair, and *nothing*
about Microsoft BASIC (odd for a programming journal, but not surprising
given their association with Tiny BASIC, I suppose).

Reading through this stuff, I'm reminded that I don't have copies of the
earlier PCC stuff or any of the earlier club newsletters. Photocopy
trades, anyone?

-- Doug
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