From: Marion Bates <Marion.Bates_at_Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Tue Dec 8 18:06:38 1998

--- "Daniel A. Seagraves" wrote:
[Can't blue box in the US anymore]

Ehehehe.... Do you know this from experience?
Has anyone here actually done this? I once tried recording the payhone
quarter tones, but it didn't work.
--- end of quote ---

Quarter tones -- that's red box territory, not blue box. Red boxing IS still possible today, though not with most COCOT's. Bell/Nynex (well, they're the same now, aren't they?) all happily respond to red box tones. But, operators sure don't!

(actual quote: "I can't accept that, I need REAL money.") Hee hee...

-- MB
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