From: Daniel A. Seagraves <DSEAGRAV_at_toad.xkl.com>
Date: Tue Dec 8 18:20:40 1998

[Recording quarter tones is a red box]
I know that.

In the payphone next to SSI, you don't even need to do this: Just do

1. Pick up payphone, dial 4-1-1.
2. Payphone sez, "Welcome to the Ameritech Automated Directory Service"
3. Push 0.
4. You'll get an operator. Give her city, state, name...
5. She'll forward you to a computer that says something along the lines of
        "This number can be automagically connected for $.15"
6. Push 1
7. Phone sez, "To bill this call and service to the number you are speaking
        from, push X". Push X.
8. You're done.

Oh, and I found this out by ACCIDENT. It may or may not work in your area.
I'd be interested in knowing if it does.

Another note: The phone in question here was right next door to the CO.
I could have walked over and told them about this. I doubt this will work
outside of Ameritech territory.

A third note (because my boss is standing over my shoulder):
I am not responsible for (ab)uses of this information! This is for
educational purposes only. Blah blah blah lawyers sue blah sue sue :)
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