news on the c64

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 19:34:11 1998

> Yeah, it's amazing how much hardware support is out there. More over, it's
> amazing how many people are buying it. I consider myself a Commodore freak,
> and I basically use a vanilla 128DCR (no REU, no SuperCPU). There are people
> out there who using a trick of the RAMLink unit have 32MB in their machines,
> plus the 65816 SuperCPU, Turbo232 ACIA cartridge, the hard drives, etc.

Heh. Scarier still is someone wrote an OS for the 64 that includes an IP stack.

So much for this notion that 8 bit machines can't go on the net. :) Hey,
now that I have a 64... hmmm... how to get data from my PC to the 64 with
no modem or serial port.. hmmm...

Jim Strickland
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