news on the c64

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 21:34:41 1998

>Heh. Scarier still is someone wrote an OS for the 64 that includes an IP

One of these days I've got to find the space to get my C64 set back up.
It's just too cool of a machine to soup up :^) BTW, I was a rabid hater of
the C-64 when it was available since it came out about 4 months after I got
the VIC-20 I worked all summer for.

>So much for this notion that 8 bit machines can't go on the net. :) Hey,
>now that I have a 64... hmmm... how to get data from my PC to the 64 with
>no modem or serial port.. hmmm...

X1542 cable so you can attach the C1541 drive to your PC. Or, a Catweasel
board in an Amiga.

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