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From: Gareth Knight <gareth.knight2_at_which.net>
Date: Tue Dec 8 19:58:52 1998

Hans Franke wrote:
>The Web-Disk runs perfectly on a 8 MB machine and I can't find any
>information to have 640K plus 8MB, which would be a rather unusual
>configuration for a PC, since you need a 12 SIMM slot board with
>8x1MB + 4x256K, And 256 KB SIMs have been only a very short
>time (back in the age of '286es and '386es) widely available.

What type of machine are you trying to boot it on? I've tried to run in on a
Compaq 486 33MHz with 8Mb. It goes through the booting process until it
reachs 100% and then states that the machine does not have enough memory to
run. Of course I have no idea about PC memory, the Amiga appears simple
compared to a PC :)

Also, the Compaq has a weird non-standard interface that connects the 3.5
IDE hard drive to the board. Does anyone know where you can find these type
of connectors in the UK. I've tried Compaq but they say that they haven't
had any of these for years.
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