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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Dec 9 13:13:38 1998

> Hans Franke wrote:
> >The Web-Disk runs perfectly on a 8 MB machine and I can't find any
> >information to have 640K plus 8MB, which would be a rather unusual
> >configuration for a PC, since you need a 12 SIMM slot board with
> >8x1MB + 4x256K, And 256 KB SIMs have been only a very short
> >time (back in the age of '286es and '386es) widely available.

> What type of machine are you trying to boot it on? I've tried to run in on a
> Compaq 486 33MHz with 8Mb. It goes through the booting process until it
> reachs 100% and then states that the machine does not have enough memory to
> run. Of course I have no idea about PC memory, the Amiga appears simple
> compared to a PC :)

PC mem is quite simple - just mem inside the address space ...
It's just that the marketing guys picked up some wiered terms
and managed to create must have buzz words. But I never get
the idea of the Amiga RAM ...

I booted the disk perfectly on a SIEMENS PCD-4G, thats a simple
standard ISA bus 486DX-33 machine with 8 Meg of mem, 112 MB
Connor HD, a pigy pack version of a standard Crius VGA card
and a 3COM EtherLink II networking card. Nothing fancy at all.


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