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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Dec 8 21:26:44 1998

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Doug Yowza wrote:

> > In fact, I just thought it would be great to make next year's VCF theme
> > "Before the Altair: The Evolution of the Microcomputer".
> I thought that was this year's theme. BTW, define microcomputer, so we

This year didn't really have a theme. No, I take that back. This year's
theme was "Old Computers are Cool!"

> can argue about which was first (wait, by your definition, the F14 was
> the first microcomputer, right? :-)

Um, yeah! Depending on how you define microcomputer, the F14A CADC
definitely takes thi honor. However, I've finally gotten that info on the
Four Phase AL1 I've been talking about and that may add some new fuel to
the controversy.

> If you drop "microcomputer" out of your theme, we might acutally be able
> to exhibit some theme machines.

Ok, fine. "Before the Altair: Computers That Didn't Suck"

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