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From: Max Eskin <kurtkilg_at_geocities.com>
Date: Fri Dec 11 12:59:51 1998

Hans Franke wrote:

> Just imagine, a System with 21" screens, mouse, OO desktop,
> document centric workflow, WYSIWYG editing (in place etc.),
> LAN/WAN networking, laser printers, xxx megabytes of storage
> etc. in 1980 and this system was scraped in favour for DOS
> (later Windows) PCs with 12" to 14" Displays and WORD (DOS).

> And in my opinion no PC (no Win, no MacOS and no Next)
> has catched up with the Star - and it's more than 20
> years later !

But you could put a PC together to those specs. As to the OO desktop, that's another

> working. Like in the SU - 10 tractors delivered to
> a farm coop and the farmers had to change parts
> until at least 5 of them worked .... :)

What comes to my mind is that once the crops were harvested, there wasn't always
someone to pick them up and they often rotted in the field. Kind of like powerful
computers that aren't being used properly. Think of what Xerox engineers could have
done if they had access to a DEC Alpha or a PowerPC.
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