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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 14 07:07:10 1998

> > And in my opinion no PC (no Win, no MacOS and no Next)
> > has catched up with the Star - and it's more than 20
> > years later !

> But you could put a PC together to those specs. As to the OO desktop, that's another
> story.

_NOW_ c'mon boy, 20 years ago a 12" tube with 256 by
256 pixles b&w was considered as high resolution.

And beside that - if I use a display with some
3 to 4 megapix on a modern PC, drawing isn't realy
faster than on the Star 20 years ago.

> > working. Like in the SU - 10 tractors delivered to
> > a farm coop and the farmers had to change parts
> > until at least 5 of them worked .... :)

> What comes to my mind is that once the crops were harvested, there wasn't always
> someone to pick them up and they often rotted in the field. Kind of like powerful
> computers that aren't being used properly. Think of what Xerox engineers could have
> done if they had access to a DEC Alpha or a PowerPC.

When in the SU the polit buerocracy and planing institute
was to be blamed, in the US marketing is the orgin of pain.

The Xerox projects have been wonderfull as long as they are
not influenced by management and marketing - for example,
later on, they ported the desktop to 386 PCs (or better,
they just miniaturised the star on a slotcard :). Calling
this a flop would tell it to nicely :)


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