tektronics 503 scope

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat Dec 12 12:27:06 1998

$5 is a good price but I think John's storage scope is the type for use with a
terminal monitor, one that has no display. The 503 is a regular cart type. Dependant
upon what he wants and needs he'll have to decide. If I'm not mistaken the rack
units are as heavy as the ogic analyzers I had some time back last spring, about 50
lbs or more.The 503 should be about 30 lbs and is local.

John Lawson wrote:

> On Sat, 12 Dec 1998 SUPRDAVE_at_aol.com wrote:
> > ok, so its not a classic computer but there was a discussion a while back
> > about ocilloscopes and i happened upon a model 503 at a thift store for $80.
> > is it worth getting? presumably it works but i have no idea how one would test
> > it, much less use it.
> >
> > david
> >
> Hey Dave... go back up the list a few posts and read John R.
> Keyes' message entitled "A few notes..." He has obtained a Really
> Nice Tek scope for a good price.. perhaps you can work up a deal
> with him.
> $80 for a ancient 503 is absurd. That model is 50's vintage and
> very limited bandwidth... and wouldn't even be fun to learn on,
> because I don't think you could keep it on the air reliably.
> Also: I see many older Heathkit and Eico and RCA oscilloscopes and
> ham swapmeets... in the $5 range... one of those would be killer for
> you since it doesn'y take up the bench space like a big Tek does.
> Anyone who is getting into exploring and restoring digital stuff
> at the hardware level should try and get a nice scope... it really
> opens up one's capabilities to keep vintage gear running.
> The one John Keyes mentions has different plug-in modules available
> that change it's modes of operation, including 8-channel inputs, just
> the thing for watching old computer busses.
> Plus the learning experience would be interesting with an
> oscilloscope of that complexity.
> And anyone wishing to get more info on scopes and how to use them
> is welcome to e-mail me... I will try to help.
> Cheers... and Best of the Season
> John
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