Mainframes at Junk Yard

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Sat Dec 12 12:27:47 1998

I was at Coleman's Surplus in Millersburg, PA, today. The place turned
out to be little more than a junk yard, but I did stumble across some
interesting mainframes. They units were literally dumped in a pile, all
twisted and broken, most unidentifiable (to me, anyway).

Two of the mainframes, though, looked like they'd be possilbe to salvage,
if somebody was _really_ interested in them. They're listed below, along
with some questions.

The Gould/Concept:

All one piece, but with two doors (like a refrigerator). The top reads
"Gould 32/27", the bottom "Concept /32". I've no idea what this is.
Anybody? Interestingly, the top was full of DEC cards (looked like the
one's for my VAX), most of which have their connectors broken off.

The Sperry Univac:

This one's bigger that a refrigerator, with a reel unit (which is nearly
as big) attached to it. There wasn't any model number on the front panel
that I could see. This is a Unix system, I'm guessing?

The Kodak Automated Disk Library:

I was running out of time, so I didn't look very closely at this, though
it appears interesting. Mounted in the rack that ended up on the very
top of the pile, it's not very big, and doesn't really look all that beat
up. It appeared to be some sort of tape reader. Has anybody heard of

Not salvageable:

Several Vax 11/780's - appeared to be stripped of cards, but power
supplies easy to get at.
2 Wang Units - didn't look too interesting to me, and they were hard to
get at.
"Harris" front panel - so I'm assuming the rest of it is there somewhere
Digitech Encoder - this thing was really neat looking - pity its smashed.
 It remined me of the Commodore SX64 in appearance. It has a small
monitor on the right hand side, a 5.25" floppy on the lower left, and a
bunch of lights in the upper left. Can anybody tell me what it is?
Several Deckwriter III's - easily accessable, but in very poor condition.

Tom Owad

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