Today's rescues

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Dec 12 22:44:21 1998

  Along with a *pile* of DEC stuff (in someone else's behalf, more
later when some details have been worked out..) I adopted a Mac
SE30 with a LaserWriter II... which was being used up to
yesterday.. and a Zenith Data Systems SupersPort 286 Laptop. (This
unit assumes you have a *generous* lap.)

  The Zenith is in 8 out of 10 shape, cosmetically almost perfect,
with battery pack and ac adapter. The battery pack works,
unfortunately the CMOS battery has failed it's trust and therefore
no HD access. The unit boots from a floppy, however the neatest
feature of this machine is the ROM Monitor that it boots into if
nothing else works. Now to get out the hacksaw and electric chisel
and see if I can't dig down to that naughty little CMOS batt.

  There also might be available a number of new-looking GridCase
portables, but I don't have them yet....

  Cheers and Best of the Season

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