"Single instance" machines

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Date: Sat Dec 12 22:02:48 1998

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998 18:50:59 -0800 Larry Anderson <foxnhare_at_goldrush.com>
>In reference to the memory question some VIC/VC REUs went to 24k (like
>the MSD
>one I have here), but there was also the Aprotek RAM
>expander which filled every gap, all the contiguous memory (including
>the 3k
>portion in lower RAM) as well as the upper 8K Game ROM space. 32k? I
>they gave it a bigger number, maybe by adding the 5k and the ROMS to
>'total memory', regardless, the Aprotek one was the ultimate in VIC-20

Another was the Data20 64k VideoPAK. This sucker had it all: 64k of
RAM, 40 or 80 column display, and a built in terminal emulator. Way
If you purchased yours towards the end of Data-20's life, you got a
spreadsheet and word processor with it. Mine, alas, broke last fall.
It won't display 80 columns. I also lost the software for it. :-(

ANother cool Data-20 product was the Z-80 VideoPAK. This added a Z-80
cpu, and an 80-column display to the C-64. It was supposed to run
CP/M also. I also have one of these as well (thanks Doug!), but no
software. Still looking.

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