epson hx-20 problems

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 00:04:48 1998

On Sat, 12 Dec 1998 wrote:

> i finally did initialise the machine and now i get two choices, monitor and
> basic. machine seems to be working now. i was able to get the tape drive
> working by keying in LOAD but thats all.
> any web resources for this machine as far as how to use it?

Take a look at where you will find some
information relative to the HX.
                                                 - don
> In a message dated 12/12/98 6:04:42 PM EST, writes:
> << Did you try pressing Control-_at_ ? That is a hard reset, which is what you
> need to do at that point. It clears the memory.
> I am a little worried that choice '2' isn't BASIC. It should be. Maybe
> initialising the machine would help.
> >>
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