From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 00:45:28 1998

How OS specific is DECNET? If I've got a Linux Box speaking DECNET (Yes,
they do that now), can that same box do a 'set host' to a system running
DECNET on RSX-11M? I've used a Linux box to speak to a VAX before and it
worked quite well. Basically I'm more interested in transfering files to
the PDP-11 rather than logging into it over the net.

Oh, and I'm assuming I should get this working, is it possible to write a
tape on RSX-11M that RT-11 can understand. I would assume so, but...

Life would be so much easier if I'd ever gotten a floppy drive working on
my main PDP-11/73.

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