From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 11:11:48 1998

< How OS specific is DECNET? If I've got a Linux Box speaking DECNET (Yes
< they do that now), can that same box do a 'set host' to a system runnin
< DECNET on RSX-11M? I've used a Linux box to speak to a VAX before and i
< worked quite well. Basically I'm more interested in transfering files t
< the PDP-11 rather than logging into it over the net.

Decnet sethost is similar to TELNET and is not specifically platform
specific. File access maybe as VMS supports 36char filenames and

< Oh, and I'm assuming I should get this working, is it possible to write
< tape on RSX-11M that RT-11 can understand. I would assume so, but...

It may be possible but the file system hooks may be subtle in their
interface. I'd ecpect it to work but surprizes are possble.

For me this is a good reason to get into linux.

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