Z-80 Emulator

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Sun Dec 13 12:02:38 1998

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, Marvin wrote:

> > > Nice the Nice :) I just can't get the connection to
> > > the Item title: 'S100 BUS IMSAI ALTAIR Z80 EMULATOR'
> > > Is there any S100 stuff included ? Or anything form /
> > > for an Altair or IMSAI ? Or at least a good story ?
> >
> > C'mon, Hans! Get with it. This is just a cheezy way to dupe people into
> > thinking this thing is worth more than it really is.
> Nope, this is just a way of putting a value on it!

What!? Hardly! This is an unfortunate justification of tactics used to
deceive ignorant buyers. Its misleading, pure and simple, and is meant to
artificially inflate the value of an otherwise uninteresting artifact.

> And speaking of value, the November 1975 issue of Popular Electronics
> (Altair 680 issue) sold for $41.00. A week or so ago, the January 1975
> issue of Popular Electronics sold for $503.00. Something is worth what
> someone else is willing to pay for it.

Maybe it would be more appropriate to discuss the stupidity of the people
paying these amounts then.

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