ebay - Minivac 601, 1st pers. digital computer 1960s

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Dec 13 16:13:31 1998

Doug Yowza wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Dec 1998, Marvin wrote:
> > Interesting item on ebay. I hadn't heard of it but it looks like it is an
> > interesting part of early computer history! The URL is:
> Your ebay advertising service is great for ebay, and great for sellers,
> but please consider what you do to the poor bidders who already know about
> this stuff and have plans to bid on it.

Tell you what Doug, let me know all the email addresses you use, and if I
see one where you are bidding, I won't mention it. I did that with several
other auctions where I saw your email address but nerd_at_youza.com is not one
I have seen you use. Fair enough? If I see an auction where a listmember
email address shows up, I don't mention it here; I DO check the bidders list
before putting it here (at least usually.)
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