From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 16:22:13 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:

> I don't see how your anecdote relates to the issue at hand. I still don't
> see how advertising a Z-80 emulator in relation to an IMSAI or Altair
> makes any sense. He has the right to engage in such deceptive practices,

I thought I explained the anecdote issue in the following paragraph you
didn't quote.

As far as deceptive practices, the only thing I might take issue with is the
minor detail that most Altairs and IMSAIs I have seen use the 8080 rather
than the Z80. I guess a case might be made for upgrading to a Z80, but
again, there is nothing to stop a prospective buyer from emailing the seller
to find out more about an item.
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